The Dawn of Anima Mundi

earth as goddess

We human beings inhabit a meaning saturated continuum of conscious manifestation which we participate in through intention and intuition. According to the developing systems theory of archetypal astrology, our mind is embedded in and expressive of the interiority of nature and the cosmos itself, such that what we think of as our own creations are in fact brought forth by nature herself through us. This includes the names we have ‘created’ for the planets and constellations whose synchronous movements help define the reality in which we ourselves move.

As the leading proponent of this theory, Richard Tarnas, puts it, our myths emerge from the wellspring of nature herself, from “the universal unconscious that is bringing forth through the human mind and the human imagination its own gradually unfolding reality.” As Keiron Le Grice points out in his revelatory book The Archetypal Cosmos, “myths express objective archetypal patterns of meaning in which we participate, patterns that inhere within both psyche and cosmos.”

This explains the uncanny synchronicity between the ancient archetypes which we humans have projected onto various planets and constellations and our own individual and collective experience in relation to those cosmic wheels in which we are embedded. For example, Tarnas’ brilliant manifesto Cosmos & Psyche painstakingly shows how each time throughout human history that the planets Pluto, representing the primordial archetypal forces of upheaval, breakdown, decay, and fertilization – a kind of purifying fire that exposes corruption – and Uranus, representing the archetypes of fiery rebellion and technological breakthrough (think of Prometheus stealing the fire of the gods), come into hard aspect to one another (conjunctions, squares, and oppositions), the world experiences upheavals, sudden technological breakthroughs, and revolutions aimed at overthrowing corrupt forces.

We have been in such a period since about 2008, when the financial system collapsed, and it is about to climax with the last of 7 exact squares between these two powerful outer planets. The last time we experienced such a hard aspect between Pluto and Uranus was in the late 1960s. And in the past few years, we’ve seen the Arab Spring, hundreds of self-immolations by Tibetan monks and nuns, the Snowden and Wikileaks revelations, the Occupy Movement, and more recently the Black Lives Matter Movement. These two slow-moving planets have been moving back and forth in relation to one another, explaining the unusual number of exact (90 degree) squares, though the final step on March 17 will find them finally moving in the same direction — which many astrologers believe may indicate a time of break through after several years of breaking down. At the same time, Saturn will be stationing perfectly still for days before and after the exact square. Saturn is not only the Lord of Karma, but also Time – so it will be as if cosmic time itself will be standing still for the Seventh Seal of this Promethean procession, planting powerful seeds that will grow in the coming decades in very fateful ways (much the way that seeds planted in the 60’s are only now bearing fruit).

So I am writing this at a very auspicious time. And yes, we humans are participating in this cosmic dance. Quite remarkably, the probe New Horizons that we launched toward Pluto seven years ago will arrive almost precisely at the time of this seventh square. Pluto is often associated with the underworld (which the Greek God Pluto ruled) and our own primal unconscious, or Freud’s ‘id.’ So we are probing both our own unconscious and the underworld itself at the very time this critical aspect is reaching its climax, almost literally planting our own technological seed above as Pluto sows its own seeds of destruction, death and rebirth below, here on Earth.

But that’s not all!

As I write this, yet another probe, Dawn, is closing in on the dwarf planet Ceres, and this is much more than just a sideshow to the main event. Ceres is none other than the Goddess of Earth, the planet alternatively called Demeter in Greece and Hera in Germany. In other words, she embodies the archetype of the world soul, Anima Mundi, up above in the heavens. However, far from elevating the world soul, during the course of the Industrial Revolution — which, of course, began during a conjunction of Pluto and Uranus — we have subverted, denied, and denigrated Anima Mundi with our zealous pursuit of manifest destiny and our ‘stealing fire from the gods’ in the form of the atomic bomb – in which humans for the first time assumed control over the primordial forces of nature herself. All to disastrous effect, as it is turning out. Because of our disrespect of nature and the consequent alienation from our own true, human nature, Anima Mundi has become a scorned woman. We find ourselves in desperate straits now, with life as we have always known it now ending, and the fate of our own species (and all others) hanging precariously on the proverbial Sword of Damocles.

And yet here we are about to make actual initial contact with the heavenly body of Anima Mundi! The wonderfully named space probe Dawn is set to arrive in just a few days, March 6, and will proceed to circumambulate her (a.k.a., orbit) and venerate her (a.k.a., photograph) for the purpose of sending images back to us. Curiously, on the approach, Dawn sent back a photograph of Ceres that reveals two bright lights inside a crater, almost as if she is watching us with bright eyed anticipation. NASA’s own scientists termed this a mystery they couldn’t explain.

As we learn from Archetypal Astrology, there are no coincidences. So how can we who are aware and awake to what is happening in the world, we who have already re-connected with Anima Mundi, participate in this cosmic dance unfolding in the starry expanse above our heads?

We live in a conscious universe. Quantum physics teaches us that intention is everything in a universe defined by relations, not objects. What was once conjoined can never be entirely separated by time and space, and of course all we think of as ‘objects’ have their conjoined origins in the stars.  As inferred by Archetypal Astrology, we are mere referent points for all that is other in the cosmos. Therefore, our intentions can have immediate effects non-locally, what Einstein referred to as ‘spooky action at a distance.’

So to all who are reading this, let us charge Dawn with our intentions for Anima Mundi. In our prayers and meditations, let us tell her on behalf of all humans (since we are the only ones who will be doing this!):

“We’re sorry. Please forgive us. We love you.”

You might recognize that intention as coming from the Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It has been known to work miracles. We could use a miracle about now.

So in this time when the powerful seeds of death and rebirth are being sown in our collective psyche, in this time when we are on a path that will lead to our own demise and has the potential to end all higher forms of life on the planet, let us take advantage of the Promethean knowledge we have received from Quantum Physics as well as the timeless wisdom of Archetypal Astrology, and use the technologies of social media, Indra’s world wide web of interconnected consciousness, and the miracle of a space probe named Dawn approaching a dwarf planet symbolizing the Earth Goddess to plant the intentional seeds of our human nature in the cosmic womb of anima mundi with the hope of regenerating life on her planet, our only home. We have the advantage of a full moon’s light to illumine our intentions and beam them up to Dawn, which happens to coincide with the Buddhist Day of Miracles – in which all virtuous intentions and actions are multiplied by a hundred million!

These are auspicious times. The best of times, the worst of times. As Pluto teaches us, from death comes new life. Please join me in this fervent intentional action of sowing the intentional seeds of new life to grow and bear fruit in the coming decades. This is spiritual activism of the highest order, and all it requires is your heartfelt imagination. 

May all beings benefit from our collective merit.