Mother Earth Wants YOU!

Prometheus by Piero di Cosimo (1515)

Okay, Planetarians, here we go!  The intention of this newly minted web site is to set the spiritual container for, and eventually become  a kind of virtual clearinghouse for, the nascent ‘Planetary Hospice Movement’ …

So to begin, I am issuing the clarion call around the world for all those kind hearted, clear eyed souls to become Volunteer Caregivers for Mother Earth & all her many children.  If you think you might have the emotional temperament and necessary skill set for this kind of meaningful engagement is social transformation, please read this:

The Planetary Hospice Movement

If this virtual conch shell call resonates in your soul, then enlist your self now with uncertain (or at least open-ended) intention, and a pure motivation emanating from a heart as big as the world.

This paper is a follow up to the original Planetary Hospice: Rebirthing Planet Earth.  That paper has been published widely over the past few months (though this link has final edits).  It sets forth a broad conceptual outline for what Planetary Hospice entails, or should entail, while the more recent paper attempts to set the spiritual container for our movement.  If you haven’t read the Rebirthing paper, that’s probably the place to start.  If you prefer to start with shorter versions, you can find those on the Ecological Buddhism website here.  Or for an even more concise description of what this burgeoning movement is about, check out Carolyn Baker’s “Welcome to Planetary Hospice.”

Let me leave you with this beautiful and cogent thought from Andrea Brower, an honorary Planetary Hospice Caregiver for sure:

“Hope, the belief in better possibilities, lies within one another and collective struggle. Let’s allow our hearts to be broken by the horror we witness everyday, but let us also remember that the depth of our pain is the depth of our love. That love, in ourselves and reflected in others, should be all the evidence we need that the fight for a better world is never futile.”           ~ from Horror & Hope.

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  1. Thank you Zhiwa for creating this website and for sharing your years of experience, intelligence and insights. You truly are an ecological warrior and sentient being.

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