Trauma & The Climate Crisis

Trinity Lotus

Here is episode No. 1 of the series “Climate Grief” on Extinction Radio. A new episode will appear every other week. In this episode, I summarize the basics of our cultural trauma induced climate crisis, including where we are now in the process of repressed climate grief as a culture, and what the cure for this crisis is.

And here’s episode No. 2, where we explore human nature and its role in the climate crisis.

One thought on “Trauma & The Climate Crisis”

  1. Dear Zhiwa

    I’m writing to keep you in the loop because I’m not convinced that others in this supposedly collaborative endeavor remembered to do so. The rest of this letter appeared in the EXR Contributors Facebook group, and it obviously pertains to you even though you are not a member. So before going there, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your work in the world. I hope our paths cross again some time.

    After careful consideration we producers have decided that it is in the best interest of our health and wellbeing to let Extinction Radio take a hiatus for a few months. This weeks program will be the last episode until Fall of 2016, at which time we will reconsider bringing the program back on a regular basis.

    It is with heartfelt thanks for all your diligent work over the past year that we thank you. If Extinction Radio does make a comeback later in the year, we trust you would be interested in participating again as contributors to the program.

    Below you will find the statement we will include in this weeks program letting our listeners know of this decision. We wanted you to be aware of this ahead of the show posting out to the public.

    Thank you all for your time and effort in making Extinction Radio one of the best programs out on the airwaves!!

    With deep appreciation,
    Ivey & Gene

    With a name like Extinction Radio it was only a matter time before it too, like any living organism, would go extinct.
    So in the interest of being ahead of the extinction curve, Extinction Radio is taking an “Extinction Hiatus”, a trial extinction if you will.
    This program is the first anniversary of the program created by the founder, Mike Ferrigan. What a brilliant concept! What amazing shows! Thanks, Mike, for getting the first half of a year produced!
    It is Spring. It is life in the midst of Cataclysm.
    There are seeds to plant. Maybe they will be able to grow to fruition. Maybe not. There are Raspberry canes to attend to. Maybe they will bear fruit. Maybe not. There are root cellars that need repair. If not now, when??
    Let us garden, and harvest, and store for the winter. Let us all focus on living our lives, and when the debacle of the US Presidential election is over, perhaps Extinction Radio will have finished its’ trail extinction and come back to the airwaves. Maybe not.
    For the past year Extinction Radio has produced some of the most interesting interviews and conversations having to do with our times as any radio show out there.
    Our hosts and contributors, each and everyone, has given us their insight, their heart, and their dedicated time, in producing segments for the program that have kept it current in the scientific data, and interesting in the human angel, and compassionate as regards the heart.
    Those who have been guests for the principle interviews for the program have brought their expertise, and insight, and often humor to our show. We are deeply thankful to both guests and contributors, for the quality of information they have brought to the program over the course of a whole year.
    The full year of Extinction Radio episodes are archived at both, and on YouTube at Extinction Radio, where all episodes will be uploaded over the next few weeks.
    It is with joy and, and a distinct edge of relief on the part of the current producers, that Extinction Radio bids you a fond farewell until Fall of 2016!

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