Saturnian Solstice Musing (a poem?)

Sun at Stand Still, Earth tilts on Her Axis,

“we are never further away from thee than this”

(please come home)

Frozen snow below and on bare tree branches against

oyster shell grey beyond… (Beyond)

giving the world a small closed-in and hushed feel to it

like a diarama-sized cosmos with clearly visible endings

as when Saturn was still the outermost edge of the heavens

the Golden Age of Kronos, of which it is said we lived like gods

without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil.

The fertile earth, unforced, bore us fruitful abundance.

Oh! Make Earth Great Again! Oh-MEGA!!

And once again, once more in frozen time, as with the

Great American Eclipse – an inexplicable sense

of optimism and hopium! IN SPITE of the prevailing

darkness, the prevalent dark forces that blot out Earth,

the long dark night of our collectively poisoned soul,

IN SPITE of the increasingly long odds of even surviving

this long emergency…

Saturn, unforgiving Lord of Karma & Time!

The story  we have been telling ourselves for too long now,

the story behind all of our cinematic escapes: that we humans

are capable SOMEHOW of overcoming impossibly long odds…

after all, how ELSE to explain our very omni-presence?!

We HAVE overcome! We WILL overcome!

Not thine, but OUR will be done!

… just look around.

“Welcome to the Anthropocene. Please watch your step.”

We broke the world. We’ve bought it, and we will now pay for it

with our lives… (with our lives!)

… with our broken-hearted lives.

OH, I know the well from whence that optimism springs,

I see the fields where that hopium grows!

It is in gnosis, in knowing

that the greatest of sorrows conceal

the purest of joys, never apart from sublime sadness for even

a moment when seeing this beginningless cycle of lives

for what it truly is,

and knowing in my broke-open-heart

that grieving is not different than loving.


All we have to lose is the illusion that

life and love are somehow not sacred, not divine.

That Earth is  not alive, our Mother in love.

Beyond the trauma… Beyond the emergency,

emergence, see? The spiritual path of Truth

& Reconciliation could lead us there, together at last…

All dying to become One…

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